Denon PMA-1600NE Integrated Amplifier


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  • Channels: 2
  • Wide range amplifier: Yes
  • Streaming audio from PC: Yes
  • Audio Inputs: 4
  • Phono Input: MM / MC: Yes / Yes
  • Audio Outputs: 1
  • Headphone Out: Yes
  • Remote Control Bus in / out: Yes
  • Output power 8 Ohm (20 Hz – 20 kHz, T.H.D. 0.07%): 70 W
  • Output power 4 Ohm (1 kHz, T.H.D. 0.7%): 140 W
  • Input Sensitivity: MM: 2.5 mV / 47 kohm
  • Input Sensitivity: MC: 200 uV / 100 ohm
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: MM/MC: 89 dB / 74 dB
  • Treble Control: 8 dB at 10 kHz
  • Bass Control: ? 8 dB at 100 Hz

Call for Price

Featuring advanced UHC single-push-pull circuit power, Advanced AL32 Processing and MM/MC phono equalizer, the Denon PMA-1600NE integrated amplifier delivers extraordinary sound quality with precise detail.

Optical and coaxial

These digital inputs help to improve the sound and visual quality of your TV audio, Blu-ray, media players, and more.

Build integrity

With more than a 110-year legacy of designing premium audio components, it’s built to last.

Powerful playback

Drive your loudspeakers with 140W of power to deliver even the most demanding of speakers.

MM/MC phono

The phono equalizer supports input from both MM and MC cartridges, significantly improving sound.

The amplifier features Advanced UHC (Ultra High Current)-MOS technology that utilizes a minimum number of high-current amplifier elements to balance advanced speaker drive capabilities and improved sound quality.

Advanced AL32 Processing Plus

For digital input, the PMA-1600NE employs the latest version of Denon?s analogue waveform reproduction technology which utilizes unique data interpolation algorithms and also supports high-resolution 384-kHz/32-bit PCM signal input.


The PMA-1600NE provides USB-DAC functions that support high-resolution 11.2-MHz DSD and 384-kHz/32-bit PCM input signals. DSD transmission methods support ASIO native playback and DSD Audio over PCM Frames (DoP).

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Brand Denon
Model PMA-1600NE
Style No
Condition New
Weight 44.6500
Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty

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